A) Spanish Social Security

Students from a member state of the European Union only need A European Health Card issued in their country of origin to benefit the Social Security during their stay in Spain.

Once in Madrid, you should inform yourself about the nearest medical centre of your accommodation. For more information about Social Security in Spain you can call 900-166565 FREE or check the website

Students from Non-European countries, who are a member of a Spanish health insurance, need to inform themselves on the procedures and document needed by their home country.

To receive health care in Madrid, you must present a European Health Card or a substitute certificate that is accepted by the Medical Centers within the jurisdiction of residence. Medical Centers attend Emergencies as well as any continuous health care (Primary Care and / or Specialized Care).

Students with a chronic disease, who will need continuous health care throughout the stay, must provide, in addition to the European Health Card or substitute certificate, the E112 or S2, provided in their country of origin.

European Health Card

B) Private medical insurance contracted by the student

If you do not have Social Security in the country of origin or there is no medical agreement with Spain, it is advisable to join a private medical insurance. This insurance must fully cover medical assistance during the stay at UPM.

C) Additional Insurance for personnel linked to the UPM

Accident insurance and travel assistance. Both can be joined with the insurance "ONCAMPUS ESTUDIA Accident Insurance and Travel Assistance for students" with COMPAÑÍA EUROPEA DE SEGUROS, S.A., a collaborating company of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, through

Contact person María José García de Elías, 00 34 913 366 258


In case of accident within the facilities of the Polytechnic University of Madrid

Students under the age of 28. Students who have suffered an accident on university grounds may go to the public centers of the National Health Care System as well as associated doctors.

Students over the age of 28 are subject to an alternative accident insurance. Instead of the global civil liability of UPM students, they are covered by the Insurance Company ALLIANZ.

More information for both cases:

You can also contact the Student Service Subdirection of the E.T.S.I.A.A.B .:



Below you will find documents that may be useful for carrying out procedures in Spain:
1. Information and support in the processing of visas: Information Request.
2. Information on the processing of documents in Spain:
  - Foreigners' Identity Card/Foreign Students' Card.
  - Certificate of registration as an EU resident or Residence card for family members of EU citizens.
  - Alien's identification number.

For the processing of documents in groups or other documents, please visit the "Visitor Service" office of the Vice-Rectorate for International Relations.

For information and support in processing visas you can visit the UPM website. Also, for the processing of documents, please visit the "Atención al Visitante" office of the Vice-Rectorate for International Relations. Contact person Arancha Lauder (

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