The cost of tuition is based on the public fees. Fees and costs are annually set by the Community of Madrid in accordance with the minimum and maximum income threshold determined by the Ministry of Education. The required amount of credits depends on the chosen degree. In the teachings corresponding to Master's degree programs, the fees are calculated based on sum of credits of the enrolled subjects. The total fees cannot be less than 350 euros. Students with pending subjects might be excepted from this minimum amount, if the student enrolls in all pending subjects and the total costs do not exceed this amount.
Subjects for which the student enrolls for the second, third or fourth time have surcharges. Once the student has validated the enrollment, a payment contract with the Polytechnic University of Madid is due. The enrollment fee can be paid in full in one single payment or split.

A) Online payment by credit card
You can pay the enrollment fee with any VISA or Mastercard credit / debit card. Payments are issued via a secure online POS (point of sale) system, where the data of the card is not stored by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. The transaction is between the POS and the bank.
Information on the POS system will be shown at the end of the online self-enrollment. If the payment is not made directly, payment information is summarized in a receipt, which can be accessed in the online receipt management.
All transactions issued through the POS system are secure and confidential. If you choose this form of payment, be sure your set card limit allows this transaction.
Any question or problems occurring during the payment must be resolve by contacting the Vice President of Students and EU via e-mail:

B) Direct debit
If you choose this form of payment, the enrollment fee will be charged to the bank account indicated in enrollment. The direct debit instructions are as follows:
To deposit the payment, new students of the UPM or those who wish to change to direct debit payment, must complete and submit a SEPA direct debit order, signed by the account holder.
The SEPA direct debit order can be filled out after completing the self-enrollment. A hard copy of this direct debit order needs to be signed by the account holder.
Once signed, it needs to be submitted to the Student Secretariat of the College in which you are enrolled as instructed by each Secretariat.
In the payment form for direct debit, the date indicated in the letter is provisional. It informs about the day in which the receipts are collects and might be subject to minor delays of a view days.
If there is any problem (your bank details are not correct or the bank returns the receipt because of insufficient cash) you should contact the Student Secretariat of your College, as soon as possible.

C) Bank receipt
The payment can also be made through a bank receipt. It is generated at the end of self-enrollment. The receipt indicates the amount, the due-date and the bank at which the deposit needs to be made. Receipts cannot be paid by bank transfer; they need to be paid directly at the indicated bank.
Non-payment and cancellation
The UPM is entitled to the full payment of the enrollment, unless the student requests a cancellation within the first month after the beginning of the classes for each term. Non-payment of the tuition feed gives UPM the right to cancel the students enrollment as outlined in the terms of reference of the University, this can imply the loss of already paid amounts (see Access and Enrollment Regulations of the UPM).

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