1. Could I pre-enroll in this Master’s program without using online pre-enrollment?

Pre-enrollment must be completed online to be official. There is no possibility that you can bring the documents to the university in person.  
If you have any problems with loading files in the pre-enrollment process, it is recommended that you check the size of the file. Any file larger than 3Mb will be automatically rejected by the platform. For a better outcome, it is advised that you convert Word or JPG files to PDF files to make them smaller. If necessary, reduce the size of an image.

2. Can I postpone my Master admission to the next year?

An admission can be postponed for up to one year. You should submit an application for postponement, explaining the reasons for your decision. If you are granted an extension, you must pre-enroll again the next year and send an email to the Technical Secretariat of the Master (irene.borrego@upm.es) to reactivate your previous admission application. It is important to pre-enroll again in the Master and follow the normal administrative procedures.

3. Does the Master grant scholarships?

The University Master does not currently grant scholarships of its own (enrollment/maintenance). An interested student must apply for this type of financing in his/her country of origin through Cooperation Agencies, Ministries of Education, corporative scholarships (Kellogg, Shell, etc.) or Foundations.

4. Does the University have a system of accommodation?

No. The university does not have any system of accommodation. This service does not deal with student housing. Accommodations in Spain must be managed by each student.  Go to:
- http://www.upm.es/alojamientos/
- www.upm.es/rinternacional/housing/index
If you are going to live in the Community of Madrid for at least one year, it is most economical to rent an apartment. When searching for an apartment, it is recommended that a temporary apartment is rented for the first few days in the city.  Use those days to look for a more permanent apartment. The following links can help you in your search:
- www.madrideasy.com
- www.campusanuncios.com
- www.idealista.com
- www.loquo.com
- www.easypiso.com
- www.viviendasparatitulados.es
- www.segundamano.org

5. What is ECTS?

The Master lasts one year and a full academic year load of 60 ECTS. The ECTS is the new European credit corresponding to 25 to 30 hours of work. Credits are not obtained exclusively by taking classroom hours.  Credits can also be obtained by working outside the classroom, attending conferences and completing internships. As general rule, each ECTS requires around 10 hours of on-campus courses.  This can change based on the subjects involved.

6. What are the ECTS requirements to be admitted to the Master?

One of the rules to access this Master is to have 240 ECTS of academic training (generally a 4-year degree). If this condition is not fulfilled, there is the possibility within this Master to study degree subjects of 15 ECTS to reach the 240 ECTS, as long as these subjects are studied before beginning the Master.
For example, a student who has a degree with 225 ECTS would still have to reach 240 ECTS, as required for the Master’s admission. The student in this example would be required to study 15 ECTS before beginning the Master.

7. How many hours of lessons do I have? Could I work and study at the same time?

The courses will be taught from 15:30 to 20:00 hours. A definitive calendar will be published in the student guide each year.
In terms of work hours, the Master requirements are incompatible with a full-time or part-time job.  This is particularly true during the on-campus phases which run from the middle of October to the middle of December and from the middle of January to the middle of March.

8. What is the minimum stay in Madrid?

The on-campus phase of the Master will begin in the middle of October and will last until June. Students usually study the Master from September to June in an academic year and complete the 45 ECTS of subjects and 15 ECTS of Final Master’s Thesis during that time. Therefore, the minimum stay in Madrid is from about the middle of October through June. The exact dates (as well as the days of the week classes will be given) will be communicated through the student guide.

9. Does the University offer employment opportunities or chances to find employment related to the subjects of the Master once the Master’s program has finished?

The Master’s program does not offer employment opportunities. However, employment opportunities could open, though not extensively. It will depend on available projects and positions at that time.

10. How can I homologate my previous studies?

It is necessary that you submit an application for validation addressed to the Academic Commission and Quality through the Technical Secretariat of the Master (irene.borrego@upm.es ). This should include detailed information about the subject or subjects to homologate and corresponding support documentation that must consist of:

  • Official degree recognized in the European Union that justifies recognition.

  • Program and syllabus of studied subjects corresponding to the subjects that justify the application of recognition.

  • Student letter justifying the application of recognition, in which both the subjects that are requested for recognition and those that are already studied are shown.

Deadline for validation can be looked up at the UPM website by following this series of links:  Estudios y titulaciones > Estudios oficiales de Máster > Calendario

11. What does enrollment cost?

The enrollment cost is determined by the Community of Madrid through its Official Bulletin. For the academic year 2009-2010 the credit value is 31,32 €, so the Master’s enrollment is 1.879 €. Additional expenses include school insurance and file opening  approximately 30€.

12 . Does the research nature of the Master tend to focus more in theory or practical experience?

This Master involves classroom study and practical experience through research and projects that contribute to the development of rural territories and sustainable management. Research projects help the teaching staff understand and stay abreast of cutting-edge advances in their areas of expertise within this Master’s program.



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