All UPM libraries are available to students participating in any of their programs.  These libraries have developed a network that:

  • Is distributed and coordinated. It is integrated by the Service of Coordination of Libraries and 19 Libraries of Centers corresponding to 9 Superior Technical Schools, 1 Faculty and 9 Universities Schools.

  • Also, there are two Documentation Centers:  the CEYDE (European Documentation Center) and the Documentation Center of the Faculty of Informatics.

Libraries of the UPM Coordination Service

Head of Service:  Dña. María Boyer Lagos
Avda. Ramiro Maeztu, 7 Ciudad Universitaria 28040 Madrid (Spain)
Phone Number: +34 91 336 61 26 / +34 336 61 29 Fax: +34 91 336 59 73

Interlibrary loan:
Avda. Ramiro Maeztu, 7 Ciudad Universitaria 28040 Madrid (Spain)
Phone Number: +34 91 336 61 93 Fax: +34 91 336 59 73
D. Ignacio Méndez González: ignacio.mendez@upm.es
Dª Mª José Morales Guerreo: mj.morales@upm.es
D. Pedro Peinado Galisteo: pedro.peinado@upm.es

ETSI Agrónomos Library

Library services offered include:

  • Three access-free lecture rooms, where it is important to follow these rules: keep quiet; smoking is not allowed; consumption of any kind of food and/or beverage is prohibited.

  • Bibliographic information

  • Loan of books

  • Loan of books outside of the library

For book loans it is necessary to have a student card of the ETSI Agrónomos.  All Master’s students will be issued a student’s card at the beginning of their enrollment.

Responsible for Library of the ETSI Agrónomos


Department Head: Dª. Marina Rodriguez Rodriguez
Phone Number: (+34) 91 336 56 09

Personal Computer Loans

Any student attending this University can apply for the loan of a personal computer. The student will have a University email account.  These computers can only be used within the library facilities.

European and Scientific Studies Centers and Documentation

Responsible: Dña. Blanca Ruilope Urioste
Avda. Juan de Herrera, 4 Ciudad Universitaria 28040 Madrid (Spain)
+34 91 336 65 23
+34 91 544 38 17
mail: biblioteca.arquitectura@upm.es

CEYDE Responsible: Dña. Carmen Plaza
C/ Doctor Federico Rubio y Gali, nº11, bajo izda, 28039 Madrid (Spain)
+34 91 452 49 00 ext. 1628, 1629
+34 91 535 16 28

Madrid Consortium

Along with other Madrid Universities, the UPM is member of the Madrid consortium - an online platform that integrates access to different databases of scientific search. Access can be obtained through the web:

The Consortium has as a main objective - to improve the quality of library services through interlibrary cooperation, with the following purposes:

  • To increase scientific productivity by improving access through the university community integrated in the Consortium - to the existing bibliographic collections, bibliographic information, and interlibrary loans.

  • To improve existing library services and save costs in cataloguing by sharing existing resources, especially bibliographic registries and authorities.

  • To promote cooperative plans, joint library services, shared-resource acquisition and connections to national and international networks.

  • To create and manage the collective catalogue of the Consortium libraries in order to improve the effectiveness of research and teaching by immediately increasing the available library resources.

  • To improve and promote the use of new information technologies to library services and encourage the technological training of personnel who work in the libraries.

  • To collaborate in other initiatives that arise out of interlibrary cooperation and collective catalogues, especially in the Community of Madrid.

  • The members of the Madrid Consortium are willing to commit to the "open access" movement. All universities and members of the Madrid Consortium have signed the Berlin Statement.


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