Academic Commission and Quality of the Master

The Academic Commission and Quality of the Master is composed of the Master’s coordinator and a member of each module of subjects. It constitutes the Master’s Admissions Board and will be in charge of the admission of new students respecting the procedure PR 17 “Selection and Admission of Students” of the system of Quality Assurance of the ETSI de Agrónomos.  

Its duties are:

  • Selection and admission of Master students among the pre-registered students on the UPM web form.

  • Evaluation of applications for credit recognition submitted by the students.

  • To coordinate the development of different subjects.

  • To encourage integration between the team of professors of the Master.

  • Follow-up of Master’s teaching activities and teaching quality evaluation.

The Comisision made up for:

Adolfo Cazorla Montero: Master´s coordinator
José Luis Yagüe Blanco: Secretary


Module 1.- Planning, management and evaluation of rural development | Ignacio de los Ríos
Module 2.- Quantitative techniques for a sustainable development | Eugenio Martínez
Module 3.- Quantitative techniques for a sustainable development | José Antonio Manzanera
Module 4.- Research in development | José María Díaz Puente
Module 5.- Final Master´s Thesis | José Luis Yagüe

Master’s Technical Secretariat

The Master has a Technical Secretariat in charge of supporting the Academic Commission and Quality in the exercise of its duties. It will be in permanent contact with students and professors of each subject in order to be able to answer operational and functional needs that arise throughout the academic year.

Its specific duties are:

  • To provide help with the management of registrations for students newly-admitted to the Master.

  • To coordinate the academic year of different subjects of the Master.

  • To maintain and update the Master web platform

  • To update teacher materials

  • To arrange Master classes

  • To make contact with Master’s students and communicate news related to teaching development.

  • To support the students in the execution of administrative procedures.

  • To resolve doubts and give attention to complaints.

The Master’s Technical Secretariat is situated on the ETSI Agronómos on the third floor of the main tower of the school next to the classroom where classes are taught.  Its contact data are:

@ mdrgs.agronomos@upm.es
Telf: +34 913 363 986
Departamento de Proyectos y Planificación Rural
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Agrónomos
Avda. Complutense, s/n. 28040 Madrid.

Vice-Rectorate for PhD and Postgraduate Studies

The Vice-Rectorate for PhD and Postgraduate Studies is in charge of the matters of procedure belonging to the University. It is located on the Rectorate of the UPM (Building B).

Vice-Rectorate for PhD and Postgraduate Studies
UPM’s Vice-Rectorate Building B
Paseo Juan XIII, 11
28040 Madrid
Directorio: http://www.upm.es/directorio/DoctPost.html

This Vice-Rectorate is in charge of:

  • Checking the access of pre-registered students in postgraduate programs.

  • Managing final enrollments of admitted students. The enrollment can be made through the website Virtual Polytechnic or directly to the Secretariat of the ETSI Agronómos.

  • Coordinating the academic calendar of the UPM Postgraduate Program.

  • Academic coordination of different degrees of the UPM Postgraduate Studies.


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