The Master’s Program will be evaluated through a continuos evaluation system.  All teaching-learning processes will provide constant feedback to students, according to their individual needs.    

The final grade of the Master will be the average of all grades received in each of the weighted subjects, based on the respective number of ECTS.

In the Final Evaluation phase, the following aspects will be considered: papers associated to each subject; Final Master’s Thesis (in all its stages); and complementary activities (work field, study visits, attendance at seminars and congresses, gatherings and debates, etc). Also, professors and the Master Committee will consider the following aspects: class participation; motivation and aptitude of the student;, and seriousness and commitment with regard to established methodology (non-attendance, punctuality, delivery date of papers, Tutor observations, etc).

It is an indispensable requirement to pass all subjects in order to be able to make the presentation of the Final Master’s Thesis. Thus, nobody can obtain the Master degree without the approval of all involved subjects.

Class attendance and activity participation are compulsory for completion of the Master.  Irregular attendance or non-participation in classes may lead to suspension. As a general rule, students must attend 80% of the classes for each subject.  

Professors will define the evaluation system for their subjects within the following parameters:
  • Evaluation of theoretical knowledge by on-campus methods and online:  20 % to 40 %.

  • Evaluation of works (subjects):  20% to 40%.

  • Evaluation of public presentations of papers: 0 % a 30 %.

  • Personal self-evaluation: 0 % to 15 %.

  • Cross-evaluation of the course by colleagues: 0 % to 15 %.

  • Student participation in classes and online forums: 0 % to 20 %.

Professors will publish, clearly and concisely, the evaluation system for their subject at the Master Platform, along with the remaining materials for their subject.  

The subjects will be constantly evaluated. Also, an extraordinary announcement of evaluation will be made in July in order to evaluate suspended students.

Professors in charge of each subject will propose the form of evaluation that is considered suitable for each case, focusing on the student’s career and lack of learning shown in the ordinary evaluation process.

Final Master’s Thesis Presentation

Students must pass all subjects studied in order to make the defense of their Final Master Thesis. In cases where students have not passed their Thesis defense by the official announcement in June, an extraordinary announcement for the Final Master’s Thesis Defense will be made in July.



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